Something feels very off….



Have you ever had that feeling that life was passing you by?

That strong feeling in your gut when something feels very off, and you know it, yet you completely ignore it, push through it and hope it goes away.

Is the sense of responsibility for everyone else keeping you from doing the things that are fun, creative or out of the ordinary?

Do you sometimes wonder what happened to your sense of wonder, curiosity, imagination?

I’ve noticed when I feel myself falling into the trap of too much on my plate, depleted, or lost. I need to do 3 things. I take time for spending time in nature, I take the time to do something creative and call a trusted friend.

Sometimes I feel like I am paddling upstream everyday all day. Well, at least that is what it feels like. Then I know I need to do just that – paddle in nature!

Here a some simple tips I’ve found incredibly helpful, perhaps they will inspire you too?

Be present and get grounded I suggest taking 20 minutes everyday to sit in nature. I get up before the rest of the world and find a place to sit in nature for 15-20 minutes. Every single time I do this practice I find I am much more centered, clear and inspired throughout the day. A word of caution you might be highly energized afterwards too.


Practice creativity, I Know part of you is screaming I don’t have time to be creative, or I am not creative I can’t draw a circle. Who is that inner critic? Is it you, or is it that your 1st grade teacher talking? The voice that keeps you from trying new things, keeps you from streeeetching into new areas. Go ahead draw, play scribble and make a complete mess. Creativity is the only way to open up to new ways of thinking. Let it in, be in the moment let your creative voice be heard, felt and seen. It is aching to be expressed.


I am inviting you to play with those edges, those preconceived limited boundaries, doodle, draw and muse. Ask your wise mind what to draw. I’ve got a secret after spending 10 minutes mindlessly drawing, I get more energy, new ideas, and more motivation for doing more drawing. Its like a part of me was needing, begging pleading with me for the freedom of just doodling without structure or purpose.


Trust yourself! Start trusting yourself to make good decisions for YOU! Trust your choices to eat right, trust yourself to tell a good joke, trust yourself to be good enough…Decide that just for today you will honor yourself to take risks and try something new. Part of you might be saying“I don’t know how, I am not good enough, I don’t have enough experience…” Trust that those uncomfortable feelings are there for a reason but go ahead and do one thing outside your comfort zone.

These three simple steps will help you to feel connected and grounded and ready for the next adventure!

Lastly, find someone outside of your circle to talk too. No real change happens while staying in the same cocoon day after day. Find a supportive mentor who can hold the space for you.

And if you need a confidant I would be honored to be that trusting soul for you.  If you have something to sort out and want to chat about it, reach out.  Simply reply here or head over my website and let’s chat.


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