I’m Hatching a new DREAM

Hello world!

I passionately believe that discovering the sweet spot in life comes from the simplest of gestures! It might be one of the most important links that connects light and dark – tonight the eclipse reminds me that we are connected to something so much bigger than ourselves.

I don’t understand how universal energies effect me, but I know they do. Tonight the moon will essentially block the sun’s light.

Do you get too caught up in the chaos of the day to even notice what might be affecting you? Do you get lost in the ‘drama of life’ and wonder what it is you did that was meaningful and purposeful in your day? Do you wonder how to shine your light on your gifts, passion and joy?

You may not even know where to begin to answer the big questions. When I start feeling this way I practice S-S-S (Start Small Susan)

So I start small…. I practice looking for visible reminders that the things I care most about are alive and well in our world: I noticed someone picking up litter on the ground, a reunion hug at the airport, noticing green things poking through the ground, a man whistling on the street, new buds on shrubs and trees and I am mystified by it all!

Maybe finding the sweet spot is far less about seeing everything just like we wish it could be, and far more about recognizing the beauty and sweetness of this life that are only visible in the midst of contrasts.

I have found some simple ways to awaken the bigger feelings of freedom, joy and connection in my life.

Here is one way you might try to symbolically create space for a new idea, new project, new love, new ______________________, to flow into your life.

Plant a mini garden of grass. Why? Use this as a touchstone. Begin to fantasize what it is you want to create. As the seeds begin to germinate remember you are germinating too. As you see the seeds break the surface remember you are beginning to grow too. You may be too close to see the change; you may not see it in yourself. But, everyday you are changing and morphing. New fresh things are going to begin to show up in your life. This flat of grass is your gentle reminder that nothing ever stays the same forever. You are an emerging evolving beautiful being, perched and ready to leap. Create an environment for change!

I suggest finding someone in your life to support you during this process. Find an accountability partner to cherish your becoming-ness!

Remember we are creatures of habit and habits are difficult to break, especially the well-worn groove ones. The good news is that you can make lasting shifts with the right tools and support. Cultivating a safe environment to make change, shifting our patterns and maintaining connection with the natural world shift the tendencies of overdoing, over stimulating, over eating, over neediness, over-distractions etc.…

I believe finding the sweet spot comes in the small things in life. How do you cultivate your sweet spot? How do you express love over fear, light over dark, overdoing over underdoing?

How do the universal energies effect your sweet spot ?Let me know how you are find your Sweeet Spot.

With great love and appreciation for all you do to light up the world.grass


PS Here is NASA’s link to watch the Eclipse








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