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I was so excited to host an interview series in December! I was amazed at the feedback I received. 🙂

Susan adores working with women who want to awaken their true purpose and transition into a more fulfilling life. For Susan, living a life of adventure fuels her every day, and she values relationships and connection above all.

Susan created The Bouncing Back Summit to share how connecting, sharing and stepping out of the box is our life’s biggest adventure. She believes it is our duty to live in our fullest potential and wants listeners to walk away feeling like their purpose is worth exploring.

As host of the Bouncing Back Summit, Parker draws on her insatiable curiosity of what makes people tick. It is while interviewing these woman from around the world about their experience from loss to joy, she discovered that it is our stories that connects us. Outside the studio, she is an ambitious gardener, creativity junkie, fiber artist and lover of nature.

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