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My passion is helping people to find their balance after loss. I know that with loss comes transformation. When you are in the midst of a loss or turmoil you may not be able to understand that you are in the process of becoming.

Becoming WHAT!??!

It is a new chapter in your life, you have not lost anyone. “Dead, Gone, or lost” are words we use to attempt to describe someone who is no longer in physical. But the reality is energy is never lost or gone.

Love is never lost.

  Rather it is eternal and is eternally available to us. That is the good news!

The hard part is really understanding it on a deep spiritual level. It takes time and courage to go to those difficult places. I interviewed woman from around the world who experienced loss, deep and painful losses. They all found that  their loss was one of the biggest turning points in their lives.

Are you wanting to find out how you can transform your loss and grief into something meaningful and profound?

The full summit recordings are currently not available, but I have selected a few of the recordings for you to listen to here.

Are you ready to make a change in your life. Are you wanting to discover what is waiting for you on the other side of grief? I can help…when you are ready.