Did you know you can have an adventure just about anywhere? The only thing you need to do is say YES!

Learn to hear the whisper of a breeze, calling to your soul

Learn to find your center again, one step at a time

Let’s work together to awaken your senses and create a life filled with wonder




I call this work Adventuring – and I am your Guide.

I can hear your brain arguing already… Adventure? Right, I’m way too busy….

Adventure? At my age?? That sounds dangerous….

I’m going to make a pitch here and you can listen or not… but here is what I think…you are still feeling healthy and young (ok, there may be a few more aches and pains than the old days but still…) – you used to be more connected with nature and you feel that loss, somewhere deep inside. Life ain’t over yet and so why not fill it up with your great big beautiful dreams?

The fast paced world we live in speeds past us. Decades can fill up taking care of others. Children, spouses, aging parents, co-workers, even friends – they all need us. Life is filled with bumps and this leads to inevitable bruising.

Here is a wonderful feature of nature – it holds us without needing us. It allows us to BE, just as we are, opening up it’s own majesty just for us. What a gift.

me arms out20Nature reminds us that our Great Big Beautiful Life is Possible. Even the best of friends can sometimes put us in a box, reflecting back to us their own image of who we are (or who we were). Nature doesn’t have an idea of who we should be. This emptiness allows us to experience our own fullness.

My work is infused with my own life wisdom and my training in Horticultural Therapy. I have felt the impact of this work in my own life and can attest to the true power of taking time to Connect with Nature.

There is very little risk in starting … all you need to do is reach out and we can schedule a call. We will spend about 45 minutes chatting and deciding together if this work is a good fit for you.

Why not?

Let’s Schedule a Chat

Real Transformation through Nature

Discover new confidence – let your light shine

Release fear & be brave

Learn new ways to connect

Experience higher levels of inspiration

Shift from “wish I had” to “what can I do now?”


How it works

Once we do our initial call, there are a variety of ways we can work together. We can always customize a package to suit your needs, but this is a basic outline:

  1. We talk one-on-one (phone or Skype) and determine together some goals you want to set
  2. I offer up suggestions/activities/exercises/tips from my extensive “nature-based toolkit”
  3. You go have your “adventure” and then we come back together and talk about it

We can do a single call plus a follow-up.

We can talk over the span of a month or two – scheduling several calls spaced out at a pace that is right for you.

Or, we can build a package that last much longer (6 months or longer).

The adventure of having me as your guide is that as you encounter new terrain, you have me there to talk it through with – having a guide allows you to stay committed and to continue to explore, even when the going gets tough.

Let’s Get Started