Ever since childhood I have loved to spend time in nature. It has been an important source of healing, peace, and spirituality when the world around me became too much. Whether I climb a mountain peak or get my hands dirty while planting flowers in my garden, nature grounds me, promotes spiritual awareness, and reminds me of the beauty that exists when I choose to open my eyes to it.

When you open yourself to up to wonder and curiosity your world becomes magical…

I have experienced deep grief in my life, times when all seemed lost. I learned to slow down and reevaluate what was most important in my life. Nature became a refuge, a place to heal. Nature was my physician and pharmacist. Nature was, and still is….

A safe place for dreaming and becoming

Full of creativity, change and meaning

A place for contemplating and honoring

A place to breathe, eat and relax

Is a place to grow

me gardenI have been an adventurer my whole life. Many moons ago I was a hotshot firefighter. And as if that wasn’t enough, I have also had the grand adventure and pleasure of being a mom to three beautiful people. I have degrees in both Forestry and Environmental Science and, as an outgrowth of my own grieving process, I found my way to Horticultural Therapy (and no, that is not about therapy for plants, but rather using plants and the natural world to promote well-being).

I believeā€¦

  • In courage, risk and adventure
  • In experiencing and honoring life even the messy parts
  • There is no one as special as you
  • In contemplation and balance
  • You have a gift the world needs
  • In having fun and working together

I truly believe that everyone can experience joy, clarity, confidence and lots of adventure!

But…how do we even begin to muster the strength to create change? How do we summon our inner resources to bring forth adventure and clarity ? How do we even recognize the still small voice? How do we recognize the voice within if we don’t trust ourselves?

The services offered here at Nature Works are all about moving you towards your larger life, towards a life you can now only barely imagine. This work is infused with my own life wisdom and my training in Horticultural Therapy. Working together we use the natural world as a focus and co-create something Magical.


sue_parkerInterested in working with me?

Here are some thoughts from people who have….

I hold your stories, your generosity, and your exquisite Susan-ness in my heart. And to let you know that you were thought of with gratitude on the other side of the continent! – Participant, California

Susan has an intuitive genius for connecting with people emotionally and for creating connections between people that energize and bring them together. The Bounce Back Summit is a testimony to her creativity and courage in transforming her own personal grief journey into a healing community. -Lynn. PhD, NY