A Small Shift…

Smile, breathe and go slowly.
Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk 
Do you sometimes feel like you are just going through your life mindlessly? Mindlessly, getting things done can make you feel empty, fragmented and disconnected.
When I feel like that, I first stop and try to be present with what I am doing at the moment.

It’s pretty powerful to ‘be in the moment’.

So much of our anxiety, stress and sickness can come from rushing around accomplishing ‘things’. Those ‘things’ don’t always bring me joy, laughter or connection to people I love.

This year I’ve started a simple shift in the way I think about things, it has made a huge difference in my day. For example, instead of thinking:

  • I have to do this
  • I have to do that
  • I have to do the laundry
  • I have to go to that meeting…

My re-frame shifts to:

  • I get to pay my bills
  • I choose to do laundry
  • I choose to shovel the driveway
  • I choose to do paper work
  • I choose to visit friends unannounced
  • I choose to make cookies
You get the idea simply shifting the way I think about life opens up opportunities for me. I become more present and focused. When I am focused and present my creative mind kicks into high gear. And, I LOVE being creative.
This week my choices include:
  •     I choose to try something new
  •     I choose to enjoy my life
  •     I choose to clean out and organize my closet
  •     I choose to shine a light on a stranger
  •     I choose to be happy in this moment and this moment and the next…
  •     I choose to smile, laugh and be silly
  •     I choose to see the good in everyone
It is such a simple shift. You will discover that you are good at making conscious decisions. Decisions and choices that are naturally good for you, ones that are empowering. The good news is you can choose to shift your focus moment by moment. And, if you fail, or slip, begin again. Choose to be conscious and see what happens.
Try this simple exercise for one day. Let me know what pops up for you.
Remember you are truly loved and an inspired being. Choose to be inspired this week, choose to do something extra special for yourself, be present.
Make the choice to love and be loved this week!


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