Hug from a stranger

A hug from a complete stranger was so deeply powerful and heartfelt it is hard to put into words.Why?

I’ll try to explain: I went to a friends house for dinner last weekend with a lot of folks I didn’t know. I only knew the host, it took me a bit to feel comfortable. I meandered around talking making small talk, “ how do you know the host?”, where are you from?, and then that dreaded question (if you have lost a child you know what that question is);

How many children do you have”?

YIKES! Have you struggled with this question? The question from a stranger that goes a little too close to the heart. One that we know if we answer with complete honesty and truth may lead to a flood of tears, or worse yet, make the other person look at you in horror or sorrow.

Depending on my frame of mind I answer in different ways.

Last weekend I said, three, a girl and a boy and one passed away. The young woman I was speaking to, would be about the age my daughter would have been. She said, she was sorry to hear about my daughter. Then with tears in her eyes told me she lost her mother 3 years ago. It was like time stood still for a moment, each trying to wrap our heads around each others loss.

I reached out and gave her a hug. I can still feel her hug, so deep and full of tender openness. It was all that was needed.

The lesson I keep returning to is, when I let go of fear and show up with ALL of my heart and vulnerability my world becomes bigger.

Many of you have express an interest in how to find more meaning and purpose in your lives. My call to you this week is to show up, open your heart to another person, let me know what happens. And, remember a simple hug to a stranger is bounced back to you a zillion times a zillion.







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